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10 Affordable Products for People with Dementia That Increase Comfort and Calm

products for people with dementia

Improve life for seniors with dementia with simple products

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia may often get anxious, agitated, or angry. 

Using simple, non-drug products is an effective way to calm and soothe and may also help avoid triggering challenging behavior.

We rounded up 10 simple, effective products for people with dementia that improve quality of life by reducing anxiety, increasing comfort, and providing entertainment.

10 products for people with dementia that give calm and comfort

products for people with dementia

1. Sound reduction Noisy environments like stores or restaurants can cause sensory overload for someone with dementia.

Wearing earplugs or ear protection to muffle the sounds can help them stay calm and enjoy an outing.

These $9 earplugs and these $17 ear protectors are inexpensive and have great customer feedback.

products for people with dementia

2. Comforting stuffed animals An effective, drug-free way to calm and soothe someone with dementia is to give them a soft toy they can cuddle and interact with.

People who can no longer have pets may feel especially comforted by a stuffed animal that looks like a former pet.

Here are a few soft and cuddly cats and dogs:

products for people with dementia

3. Aromatherapy diffusers Having dementia is stressful and can cause anxiety, anger, and other symptoms that decrease quality of life.

Using aromatherapy is a simple way to create a calm and relaxing environment.

Ultrasonic diffusers are great, but we also like these simple, small non-electric ceramic diffusers because they look nice, have no moving parts to maintain, and don’t need to be plugged in. 

Add some relaxing lavender essential oil or other essential oil scents to create a soothing environment.

large print calendar for people with dementia

4. $19 Jumbo large print wall calendar Another way to help someone with dementia keep track of time is to have a calendar that’s easy to see and understand.

This one is 17 x 22 inches when hanging and has plenty of space for making notes about appointments or special events.

massage pillow for people with dementia

5. $60 Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager – 3D Kneading with Heat for Muscle Pain Relief This massaging pillow relaxes tight muscles and automatically changes direction every minute to mimic a natural, shiatsu hand massage.

It’s compact size fits perfectly behind the neck or back or contours to fit the lower and upper back, abdomen, calf, or thigh areas. Adjustable straps on the back of the massager can help secure it to a favorite chair.

The heating feature soothes aching muscles and promotes blood circulation. There’s protection from overheating and the heat can also be easily turned on or off.

fidget sensory activities for seniors with dementia

6. $10 28 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set This set includes a dozen simple, touch-based activities. They keep hands and minds busy in safe, soothing ways.

These types of fidget toys are great for anyone, but are especially helpful for someone who’s anxious, pulls at their clothes, wrings their hands, or picks at their skin.

Cuddly animals or dolls can give someone with Alzheimer’s a sense of purpose and calm

7. Lifelike baby dolls Another effective way to calm seniors with dementia is to give them a soft, lifelike baby doll to cuddle.

Therapy dolls can even be effective in calming older adults with severe agitation or other significant behavioral issues.

Dolls can help seniors feel useful and needed, give them something positive to focus on, and soothe anxiety by having something soft to hug.

Here are some sweet, lifelike dolls:

weighed blankets for seniors with dementia

8. Weighted lap pad or blanket A weighted lap pad or blanket is a simple, non-drug option that can be used day or night. They reduce anxiety, calm nerves, provide comfort, and promote deep sleep.

The weight provides something called deep pressure therapy. When the body feels the gentle pressure, it produces serotonin. That improves mood and promotes calm.

Find out more and get links to a variety of weighted lap pads and blankets here.

products for people with dementia

9. $60 American Lifetime Day Clock A clock that’s easy to understand helps someone with dementia keep track of time and dates and reduces disorientation.

A large digital display on this clock clearly shows the time and day, tells you if it’s morning, afternoon, or night, and also spells out the full date.

The large print is great for people with low vision and makes it easy to see from across the room.

Lifelike robotic pets bring joy to people with dementia

10. From $65 – Cuddly robotic pet These robotic pets are lifelike and engaging as well as being cute and cuddly.

They respond to touch similar to a real pet, but nobody needs to worry about feeding or cleaning or having them underfoot.

Browse the cats, pups, and bird from Joy for All (get 15% off with discount code CARE15 at checkout) or check out our in-depth review here.

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