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Financial Help for Seniors: Federal, State, & Private Benefits Programs

financial help for seniors

Thousands of programs provide financial benefits for seniors

Senior care is expensive. Fortunately, there are thousands of federal, state, and private benefits programs that provide financial help for seniors.

They cover over a dozen categories including medication, health care, income assistance, food, housing, and transportation.

To quickly find programs for your older adult, we recommend a free service from the National Council on Aging called BenefitsCheckUp.

This trustworthy, easy-to-use online tool simplifies the process and saves time.

We explain why BenefitsCheckUp is safe to use and how to use it to find benefits programs to help your older adult with essential expenses.


A trusted free service from the National Council on Aging

BenefitsCheckUp is trusted and safe to use because it’s a free service from the National Council on Aging (NCOA), a leading nonprofit service and advocacy organization.

Since 1950, the NCOA has been working to improve the lives of Americans aged 60+, especially those who are struggling.

They provide community programs and services, online help, and advocacy.

NCOA also builds public awareness, influences federal legislation, and creates national programs to make life better for older adults.

Their BenefitsCheckUp tool is also the nation’s most comprehensive online tool that connects older adults to benefits.

How to use BenefitsCheckUp

Step 1 Enter your older adult’s zip code and choose some or all of the benefits categories to see the programs that are available in the area.

A list of available benefits programs

Step 2 Expand the sections and click the provided links to find out more about available programs.

To find out if your older adult will be eligible for specific programs, click “Complete Eligibility Check” or “See If You May Be Eligible” to answer additional questions.

The result will be a personalized report and links to further info about how to apply for each program.

Get help with BenefitsCheckUp

For questions or help, you can speak to a BenefitsCheckUp support specialist through the website’s chat feature or by calling the hotline at 1-800-794-6559.

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