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Gifts for Seniors: Food & Photos

gifts for seniors

Gifts that don’t clutter the house

Thinking of the perfect gift for your older adult is a challenge. It’s even more difficult if you’re trying to find something for a senior who needs to declutter or downsize their living space.

We searched high and low and talked with families to put together this list of gift ideas that will be appreciated and enjoyed, but won’t take up room.

Delicious food gifts

With edible gifts, there’s no need for storage and your older adult gets to enjoy their favorite foods, especially if they’re not available where they live. Subscription services can keep the treats coming throughout the year too. To make sure they’re actually enjoying the food, visit or give them a call to see how they liked your gift.

Of course, be mindful of dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences. For example, no sweets for diabetics and no Harry and David pears for those who love savory foods.

10 tasty suggestions to get you started:

  1. Omaha Steaks – gourmet meats, food, wine

  2. The Lobster Guy – lobster, clambakes, shellfish

  3. Legal Seafoods – lobster, chowders, seafood, desserts

  4. Harry and David – gourmet fruit and snacks

  5. Edible Arrangements – beautiful bouquets made of fruit, chocolate-dipped fruit

  6. Murray’s – limited edition cheeses from the famous New York City shop

  7. Peets Coffee – fresh, delicious coffee by subscription

  8. Republic of Tea – several Tea of the Month Club selections, including non-caffeinated

  9. The Fruit Company – delicious ripe fruit, monthly

  10. The Lee Bros. Boiled Peanuts Catalog – authentic southern foods, including fig preserves, pickled peaches, Moon Pies, and Cheerwine cherry soda

Digital photos

Many older adults have dozens of photo albums with fading photos. A great gift is to preserve these memories in digital format. This could be a wonderful family project where you, the grandkids, and your older adult sort photos. It’s a great time to walk down memory lane, ask questions about family history, and hear stories from the past.

You can certainly digitize photos at home using a scanner (some tips), but that’s very time-consuming. Here are a few services that digitize photos and videos for you.

A great companion gift is a digital photo frame like this one

. Load the frame with favorite snapshots and your loved one will enjoy looking at the rotating display.

Bottom line

Your older adult will appreciate the thought you put into selecting their holiday gift. They’ll also love it when you call to find out if they enjoyed their special lobster dinner, fruit basket, or tea selection. Reminiscing over photos is another meaningful activity that creates even more special memories and warm feelings for everyone involved.

By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: Techlicious


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