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We Honor and Salute Our Veterans

We at Ormond Manor would like to thank all veterans for your sacrifice to our country! You are the true heroes in our land. We honor those Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, and Coast Guardsmen, who have served this nation in war and peace. Let us extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their selflessness and recognize the sacrifices they have made as members of the United States Armed Forces. These men and women deserve our utmost respect. As they were willing to risk things we were not willing to risk. They are the reason that we are a free country. That is why everyone should honor our soldiers and celebrate them on not only Veterans Day, but every day of the year!

We have the honor of having two distinguished air force veterans – Major Wilson, Master Navigator, served in Viet Nam in Strategic air command as a navigator of C-130’s, logging over 9,000 hours. He was stationed in Germany during the Cold War. Clete served in the US Air Force for over 20 years.

Colonel Hobble served in the Air Force for 30 years as Squadron Commander, Operations Officer, Special Ops Command Staff Officer, Mission Commander during multiple Special Ops contingency operations. His last duty assignment was the Director of Personnel Recovery Policy for the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel, Office of the Secretary of Defense. He formulated, integrated and synchronized policy and plans relating to personnel recovery. During Colonel Hobble

’s tenure in the Air Force he was stationed at the Pentagon, Fort Gragg, Scott Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field, FL and various locations all over the world.

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