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10 Kitchen Aids for Seniors Safely Increase Independence

Kitchen aids for elderly make daily tasks easier and help seniors live more independently

Make the kitchen safer for seniors

Health conditions like arthritis, low vision, frailty, stroke, or dementia can make everyday tasks challenging for older adults. 

With heat, liquids, and knives, working in the kitchen can be especially dangerous.

We found 10 simple kitchen aids for seniors that increase safety, prevent accidents, and help them stay independent longer.

Being able to perform everyday tasks on their own boosts mood and self-esteem. Plus, increasing their safety in the kitchen will give you peace of mind.

10 helpful kitchen aids for seniors

This grip turner kitchen aid helps seniors use important items like the stove, microwave, dishwasher, and more

1) $13 Universal Grip Turner This helpful tool can be used to grip and turn many different types of small, slippery knobs found on stovetops, microwaves, dishwasher, etc.

Seniors can hold this handy kitchen peeler in their palm and keeps the blade away from fingers

2) $7 Chef’n PalmPeeler Hand Vegetable Peeler This peeler sits comfortably in the palm of the hand. The blade is tucked away and the shape makes it easier for people with arthritis or joint issues to use.

Stop messy or potentially harmful boil overs with this simple kitchen aid that seniors can easily use

3) $17 Boil Over Safeguard – Silicone Lid Eliminate the need to run to the stove to catch a pot that’s boiling over. 

This clever silicone lid stops pots from boiling over. Make sure to take off the cap to expose the holes.

No cut gloves are a kitchen essential that keeps elderly safe from cuts while preparing food

4) $11 NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – Ambidextrous, Food Grade These slim, cut-resistant gloves keep fingers and hands safe from injury when slicing meat or veggies. Available in Small through X-Large.

An electric water heater is safer for seniors in the kitchen than boiling water on the stove. It shuts off automatically when it’s ready.

5) $30 Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater, 1.7 L Electric water kettles heat water quickly and the auto-shut off and boil-dry protection makes it safer than stovetop boiling.

Instead of spending time chopping and dicing and possibly getting cut, seniors can use this handy kitchen aid to quickly prep vegetables

6) $22 Mueller 4 Stainless Steel Blade Pro Series Vegetable Chopper Make veggie prep faster, easier, and safer with one of these simple veggie chopping tools.

Keep seniors safe in the kitchen by preventing accidental burns to the arms with these oven rack guards

7) $25 Cool Touch by Jaz 18″ Extra Long Oven Rack Guards (Pack of 2) Protect your older adult’s from accidental burns with these oven rack guards.

Many jar lids are tough for seniors to open. This helpful kitchen aid opens any jar with ease.

8) $33 Automatic Electric Jar Opener Hard-to-open jars shouldn’t stop your older adult from eating foods they enjoy. This automatic jar opener does all the work.

Reduce the time elderly need to spend bent over looking for kitchen supplies with these pull out shelves

9) $49 Lynk Professional Organizer Pull Out Under Cabinet Sliding Shelf Make it easier to access pots and pans with easy pull-out shelves that install into existing kitchen cabinets (variety of sizes available).

Having a kitchen stool to rest on makes it less tiring for seniors to prepare their meals

10) $79 Drive Medical kitchen stool This special kitchen stool lets seniors sit and get off their feet while working at the kitchen counter. The angled seat makes both sitting and standing easy. The height is adjustable too.

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