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10 Products That Help Caregivers Get Organized

10 products help caregivers get organized, reduce stress, and feel more in control

Reduce stress with smart caregiver organization

Having the right tools can make any job go more smoothly and easily and caregiving is no exception.

Caregivers typically manage scheduling as well as important paperwork and information. 

Without a good organizational system, managing this part of caregiving can quickly add to the daily stress.

Sometimes, spending an extra 20 minutes searching for insurance paperwork or misplacing a new prescription order can derail your day or make you feel like things are spiraling out of control.

To reduce stress and give you more control, we rounded up 10 helpful, inexpensive products that help caregivers get organized.


10 products that help caregivers get organized

Caregivers get organized with a wall calendar

1) $7 Wall Calendar – July 2021 to December 2022 A clearly visible wall calendar helps keep track of appointments, events, and schedules.

Caregivers stay organized with a whiteboard

2) $26 16″ x 12″ Magnetic Desktop Dry Erase Whiteboard with Stand, 10 Markers, 4 Magnets, 1 Eraser Use this whiteboard as a central location for reminders, To Do lists, quick notes, and important papers.

Caregivers use sticky notes to stay organized

3) $7 Sticky Notes, 3×3 inch Sticky notes are an incredibly useful organization tool. Use them to leave notes or reminders for yourself or others, flag important pages in documents or books, and more.

Create your own caregiving binder

4) $4 3-Ring Binder A simple 3-ring binder keeps all your caregiving paperwork organized in one place.

Organize your caregiving binder with dividers

5) $4 AVERY 5-Tab Plastic Binder Dividers, Write & Erase Create sections within your caregiving binder with these plastic dividers.

For example, you might have sections for medications, insurance paperwork, notes for doctor’s appointments, and daily schedule.

Organize your caregiving binder with pocket dividers

6) $10 Amazon Basics Two Pocket Plastic Dividers with 5 Tabs If there are loose items to store and keep track of, use these dividers with pockets. They keep everything organized and contained in the binder.

Caregivers keep important papers with a hole punch

7) $8 WorkLion Portable 3 Ring Hole Punch for Binder Caregivers find themselves with so many loose papers to keep track of. Store this portable 3-hole punch directly inside your binder so you’ll never lose it. 

Anytime you need to put important paperwork in the binder, this handy tool allows you to immediately punch the holes and put it away. This reduces the chance that papers will get misplaced or start piling up.

Caregivers take notes on loose graph paper

8) $6 Loose Leaf Paper, Graph Ruled, 3 Hole Punched Instead of traditional lined paper, consider getting loose leaf graph paper to put into your binder. 

It’s more versatile because you can write notes as well as draw small charts or diagrams.

Add a zip pouch to your caregiving binder

9) $6 Zippered Binder Pouch, 2 Pack Make your binder a one-stop shop for all your caregiving organization needs.

Keep sticky notes, pens, and other small items at your fingertips with these 3-hole zippered pouches that snap into your binder.

Keep medications organized with a visual pill map

10) $13 PillMap Visual Pill Planner for Medication and Vitamins Since many seniors take several medications, it can be challenging to keep the pills and the schedules straight.

This visual pill planner organizes essential medication information at a glance to help everyone understand the medication schedule.

Plus, you can keep it handy by storing it inside your caregiving binder with this Clear Poly Binder Pocket with 1-Inch Gusset.

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