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10 Steps to Managing Medical Bills for Seniors

Managing medical bills is a necessary part of caregiving

Managing medical bills is part of the job when you’re caring for an older adult. Unfortunately, those bills are often complicated, filled with errors, and sometimes beyond your older adult’s budget.

We found a helpful image that breaks down medical bill management into 10 clear steps. This organized list makes the job much easier to tackle and helps you negotiate discounts or payment plans.


10 steps for managing medical bills

Many seniors have multiple health conditions, see several specialists, get hospitalized, or regularly have complex treatments. That means they get a lot of confusing medical bills.

This image will help you focus on one step at a time. After going through this list, you’ll be confident knowing that the bill is correct and that the payment plan is the best one possible for your older adult’s financial situation.

tips for managing medical bills

By DailyCaring Editorial Team Infographic: PainPathways Image: Credit and Debt Management


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