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4 Advanced Auto Mobility Aids Help Seniors Get Into Cars

4 auto mobility aids reduce caregiver injury and need for extra people to help

Seniors with limited mobility struggle with car travel

When older adults have limited mobility, it’s a struggle for them and you to leave the house.

Getting into and out of the car can be almost impossible.

Without auto mobility aids, helping these seniors into a car can take multiple people, making every outing a major event.

If you can’t get enough help from others, you could end up hurting yourself or might be forced to use non-emergency ambulance transportation, which is expensive.

If your older adult is still fairly mobile, but has to cope with issues that make car travel frustrating or tiring, try these 6 simple auto aids.

To solve the bigger problems that come with limited mobility, we found four advanced auto aids that are more expensive than the simple ones.

These auto aids are more expensive, but might be worth the investment if it makes it possible to take your older adult out of the house. 

Plus, these options (except the car) cost less than a one-time ambulance transport.

4 advanced auto aids make car travel easier for seniors

We found four advanced auto aids that are more expensive than the simple ones, but solve the bigger problems that come with limited mobility.

1) $63 Ultra Slick Transfer Board To help your older adult get from their wheelchair to a car, this ultra slick board bridges the gap and makes it possible for them to scoot from one seat to the other without needing to stand.

FYI: The picture above isn’t of this product, but shows how it’s used.

2) $71 Safetysure Standing Pivot Disc Some older adults can stand up from a wheelchair, but can’t turn around to sit in the car.

This disc saves you from injuring your back or shoulders while helping them turn around.

With this pivot disc, your older adult stands on the disc and you can slowly turn them so their back faces the car seat and they can sit down.

3) $219 Beasy Transfer Board If you need to move someone from a wheelchair to the car, this board can make that task easier and safer for both you and your older adult.

There’s a disc that slides along the board so you can push them from one seat to the other. They don’t need to scoot their butt and you don’t need to provide as much lifting or carrying support.

It’s expensive, but may let you delay more expensive options like non-emergency ambulance transport, buying an automatic access lift seat, or getting an accessible van.

4) Toyota Mobility Accessible Vehicles These specialized vans are installed with various ramps, an auto access lift seat that automatically turns and extends all the way outside the car, or other adaptive equipment.

It’s a major investment, but if you need to drive someone with limited mobility and are in the market for a new car, having an accessible vehicle makes life a lot easier.

Tip: If you don’t need a new car, but are interested in adaptive equipment, contact your car dealership. There may be options that can be installed into a car that you already own.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team Images: AliMed, Seattle Pi, North Coast Medical, Inc., Amazon, Toyota

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