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4 Busy Bag Activity Kits for Seniors with Dementia

Busy bag activities with no right or wrong are a wonderful way to engage and entertain seniors with dementia

Busy bag activity kits keep seniors with dementia engaged

When seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can no longer participate in normal daily activities, it’s easy for them to become bored.

That can lead to agitation, anxiety, depression, or even anger. It can also increase the chances of sundowning.

To prevent boredom, try activities with no right or wrong. They’re a wonderful way to engage and entertain older adults.

And they can reduce the need for medications to manage agitation, challenging behavior, and depression.

We found fun, portable, inexpensive DIY activities from Powerful Mothering. They’re called “busy bags” because the entire activity fits neatly into a zippered bag.

We share the 4 busy bag activity kits that seniors with dementia would enjoy most.

Note: For the bags themselves, all you need are some handy zipper bags to keep each activity organized when it’s not being used.

1. Velcro dot craft sticks

activities for seniors with dementia

Sticking velcro dots to jumbo popsicle sticks is a fantastic creative activity. Older adults can make shapes, lines, stacks, or anything they like.

The colorful sticks are eye-catching and easy to hold while the velcro dots are easy for you to attach and remove.

activities for seniors with dementia

2. Easy shapes and patterns

activities for seniors with dementia

Cutting large foam shapes into smaller pieces makes a fun and easy shape and color game.

Put the shapes back together, make creative new shapes, or group colors together.

To make the shapes, you might like these colorful foam sheets.

activities for seniors with dementia

3. Foam lacing shapes

activities for seniors with dementia

These brightly colored shapes have holes punched around the edges so string can be laced through them.

They can follow the dots around the edge or make fun patterns with the string.

If you’d like to buy a ready-made set, try this lacing shapes kit.

activities for seniors with dementia

4. Fun with crazy straws

activities for seniors with dementia

Cut out brightly colored felt circles and have your older adult push them onto a crazy straw. It’s a colorful and engaging activity.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team Images: Powerful Mothering velcro sticks, easy shapes, foam lacing, crazy straws

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