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​4 Ways a Walk-In Bath Boosts Physical and Mental Well-Being For Seniors

Kohler Walk-In Baths help seniors stay independent longer

Did you know walk-in baths are designed to boost your mental and physical well-being?

To help older adults keep their mind and body healthy as they age, learn about the ways a walk-in bath can help.

KOHLER® Walk-In Bath shares the 4 features of walk-in baths that support mental and physical wellness, plus how safer bathroom design helps give you peace of mind.

A walk-in bath improves mind and body wellness

A walk-in bath not only gives older adults a safer way to bathe, but also promotes mental and physical wellness at every age.

This special type of bathtub offers unique features that aren’t available in a regular tub to create a spa-like experience at home.

The KOHLER Walk-In Bath delivers exactly that and more with rejuvenating and therapeutic features that soothe and energize the mind and body to support aging in place.

Learn how your older adult can boost their mental and physical wellness with these 4 walk-in bath features.

4 walk-in tub features that enhance mental and physical health

Kohler whirlpool and massage air jets soothe aching joints and muscles

1. Hydrotherapy whirlpool and BubbleMassage™ air jets soothe aching joints and muscles Many seniors look for walk-in baths with whirlpool jets and air jets to get a spa-quality massage at home.

The KOHLER Walk-In Bath features both whirlpool hydrotherapy jets and BubbleMassage™ air jets that target the spine, legs, and feet to alleviate aching muscles and help soothe joint pain.

Using these hydrotherapy features, your older adult can refresh and invigorate their body and mind to stay sharp and active as they age.

Kohler Heated backrest provides immediate warmth and comfort

2. Heated backrest provides immediate warmth and comfort Older adults with limited mobility can recline against the heated surfaces of a walk-in bath to keep warm and comfortable as the tub fills for ultimate relaxation.

Immediately spreading soothing heat across the neck and back, the Bask® heated backrest of the KOHLER Walk-In Bath melts away muscle tension and stress.

Every bath becomes a pleasant self-care experience that improves your older adult’s overall health and wellness as well as something they’ll look forward to.

Kohler’s handheld shower combines the ease of a shower with the comfort of a bath

3. Multifunction handheld shower gives flexibility A handshower combines the ease of a shower with the comfort of a bath, giving walk-in tub users and caregivers flexibility over their bathing experience.

The KOHLER Walk-In Bath features a multifunction handheld shower to pamper your neck and shoulders with three spray settings that help soothe sore muscles and calm the mind (wide coverage, massage spray, and gentle aerated spray).

Designed with an easy-to-hold ergonomic handle, this sleek handshower makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas and massage all the right pressure points.

Kohler Walk-In Baths have a low step-in for safety

4. Ultra-low step-in increases bathing safety For many older adults with limited mobility, remaining independent is an important part of maintaining good mental health and dignity throughout their golden years.

The low threshold of a walk-in tub offers a safer bathing alternative to a standard bathtub by making entry less challenging and allowing your older adult to bathe in privacy without assistance.

At just 3 inches, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath features the lowest step-in on the market today, helping seniors to stay in their home longer and avoid the steep prices of assisted living facilities.

Call (800) 734-1513 to speak with a KOHLER Authorized Dealer and schedule a free in-home or virtual quote today!

Kohler’s custom design options allow your older adult to select their preferred style

Choose custom design options to suit your older adult’s style

Special comfort features aren’t the only way a walk-in bath supports mental and physical wellness.

Bath design and well-being also go hand in hand to create a calm state of mind by improving mood and evoking positive feelings through thoughtful elements.

KOHLER LuxStone® bath walls allow your older adult to personalize their bath to suit their style and home decor. 

Each wall pattern adds style and color to the bathing experience to create a brighter, happier space.

Complement the wall design with additional design choices, including bath color (White or Biscuit) and faucet finish (Vibrant® Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome).

These design options work together to create a sleek look that adds to the bathroom’s overall style, offering safety without the clinical appearance found in most accessible bathing solutions.

Kohler Walk-In Baths have a variety of comfort features like relaxing jets

Relax mind and body with a walk-in bath

With a KOHLER Walk-In Bath, every soak provides numerous health and wellness benefits, including pain and stress relief, improved sleep quality, enhanced mood, and increased independence.

Now, practicing self-care can be an everyday luxury.

Your older adult will appreciate the mind and body boost they get from relaxing and unwinding at home in this spa-worthy bath after a long day.

To protect health, safety, and peace of mind, Kohler is now scheduling free virtual quote appointments in select markets, as well as in-home quote appointments.

Through a video call or an in-person visit, learn more about the mental and physical health benefits that a walk-in bath provides and receive your quote at your convenience.

Call (800) 734-1513 to speak with a KOHLER Authorized Dealer and schedule a free in-home or virtual quote today!

About KOHLER Walk In Bath KOHLER Walk-In Bath brings you safe bathing backed by the Kohler name. The low step-in, extra-wide door, and easy-to-grip handrails keep you secure as you ease in and out of your bath. Our hydrotherapy and BubbleMassage™ jets deliver a powerful spa-like massage as you soak. Designed with you in mind and rooted in over 140 years of engineering expertise, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath is a safe and luxurious way to bathe.

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