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5 Top Mobile Apps for Caregiver Stress Relief

Top mobile apps that help reduce caregiver stress, manage frustration, and reduce anxiety

Mobile apps are useful caregiver coping tools

We aren’t born knowing how to handle the tough situations and emotions that come with caring for an older adult.

Daily challenges plus strong emotions like anger, sadness, resentment, or depression raise stress levels and worsen overall health.

A convenient way to get fast caregiver stress relief is to use supportive mobile apps. They’re always at your fingertips and can be used any time of day.

We chose the top 5 mobile apps that help reduce caregiver stress, manage frustration, and reduce anxiety from a huge list of mental health resources at Greatist

The best part? They’re all free.


5 excellent and free mobile apps for caregiver stress relief

1. Breathe2Relax Focused breathing has been proven to reduce stress. Developed under the Department of Defense to help returning veterans, this app teaches users how to do diaphragmatic breathing.

Features include customizable guided breathing sessions, educational videos on the stress response, and logs to record stress levels. (Free; iOS and Android)

2. Happify Want to kick negative thoughts, reduce worry, and dial down stress? The array of engaging games, activity suggestions, and gratitude prompts makes Happify a useful shortcut to a good mood.

Designed with input from 18 health and happiness experts, Happify’s positive mood-training program is psychologist approved. Its website also links to bonus videos that are sure to make you smile. (Free; iOS and Android)

3. SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management) How do you know what’s pushing you over the edge and how to reel yourself back in?

SAM’s approach is to monitor anxious thoughts, track behavior over time, and use guided self-help exercises to keep stress at bay. You can also confidentially talk with an online community for added support. (Free; iOS and Android)

4. Companion Releasing negative thoughts, practicing relaxation techniques, and engaging in mindful awareness is good for well-being.

This app makes that easier to do by guiding you through proven techniques that reduce negative thoughts and emotions as well as help you develop a more present mindset. (Free; iOS and Android)

5. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide Need help managing depression? This app has guided relaxation techniques, and get strategies to challenge negative thinking, tracks dips in your mood, helps you learn about clinical depression and treatments. (Free; Android)

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team

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