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50 Facts About Alzheimer’s [Infographic]

Alzheimer’s is a rapidly growing problem

Today, about 47 million people worldwide are living with dementia. That number is expected to grow to 75 million people in 2030 and to 132 million in 2050.

And, in 2015, the global cost of dementia has already risen to 818 billion U.S. dollars!

50 facts about Alzheimer’s

Because this terrible disease is affecting increasing numbers of people, it’s helpful to learn as much as we can about it.

Get 50 useful facts about Alzheimer’s in this infographic created by our friends at Bluebird Care in Ireland. Included are top care tips, key facts about the disease, surprising statistics, and the latest research findings.

facts about alzheimer's

Bluebird Care provides quality home care and independent living support services in the home and community setting. We go above and beyond the standard care duties to make personal connections with customers that can make all the difference in one’s overall health and well-being.

By DailyCaring Editorial Staff Image: Bluebird Care

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