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7 Tips to Stay Calm and Reduce Caregiver Stress [Infographic]

Reduce caregiver stress with coping tips that calm you down

Stress is inevitable when you’re caring for an older adult. But there are effective techniques to reduce and manage it. The more tips you have in your pocket, the better you’ll be able to cope with everyday challenges.

We found 7 excellent stress relief tips in this infographic from Hubspot. It has a quick overview of the stress response in the body and 7 helpful tips to stay calm during stressful situations.


Plan ahead to handle stressful moments

Our favorite tip is to plan ahead. When you’re caring for an older adult, certain things are likely to trigger stress, especially when they’re repeated frequently.

For example, you might feel angry when your mom doesn’t want to eat the nice meal you’ve prepared. Or, you could be frustrated when your spouse refuses to change even though their shirt is dirty.

Knowing that these things happen on a regular basis, planning ahead to stay calm means deciding that the next time that “X” happens, you’ll do “Y.”

As an example, your plan could be that the next time your older adult does the thing that stresses you out, you’ll step into another room and take 20 deep breaths.

Having a plan in place helps you remember to pause and use one of your coping techniques. This keeps you from getting more and more upset and stressed.

Check out all 7 coping tips to help you stay calm and reduce stress.

tips to stay calm

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team Infographic source: Hubspot

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