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8 Coping Tips for Dementia Sundowning and Sleep Issues [Infographic]

Coping with sundowning caused by dementia

Many seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia get increasingly agitated or anxious in the evening. They may become aggressive, delusional, paranoid, or tend to wander.

This behavior pattern is called “sundowning” because it usually starts in the late afternoon or early evening and may last into the night. It can be very disruptive and difficult for caregivers to manage and negatively affects your older adult’s quality of life.

8 tips for dealing with dementia sundowning and sleep issues

The Alzheimer’s Association has created a helpful infographic with 8 expert tips on how to reduce sundowning and sleep issues.

These steps manage and reduce dementia sundowning symptoms by keeping seniors on a regular schedule, creating a calm and soothing environment, and identifying triggers.

dementia sundowning

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