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Alzheimer’s Support Group on Facebook: Memory People

Alzheimer's support group

Get support anywhere, anytime

One way for caregivers to get support and information is through an online support group. On Facebook, there are many groups dedicated to families who are caring for older adults.

These groups are completely free and allow you to get support, vent, or ask questions anytime, day or night. If you use a smartphone, you can participate no matter where you are.

Memory PeopleTM on Facebook

Memory People (MP) is one of our favorites. It’s a warm, welcoming Facebook community for families affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia. It’s a closed (private) group that’s 16,000+ members strong.

If you’re not a member of the group, you can only see the public posts from founder Rick Phelps. After you join, you’ll see the constant flow of posts and conversations related to caring for someone with dementia.

Rick has early-onset Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed when he was 57 years old. His goals are to share his personal experience with Alzheimer’s, raise awareness, and create a place where people can support each other.

Members really understand what each other are going through because almost everyone is caring for someone with dementia (or has dementia themselves). Some even feel the MP community is a second family that understands and supports them better than their own family and friends!

It only takes 2 steps to join Memory People

First, sign in to your Facebook account. If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to set one up. Here are tips on signing up.

Next, go to the Memory People Closed Group on Facebook. Because it’s a closed group, you need to request to join. Just click the Join button near the top of the page to send a request to the group administrators. Once you’re a member, you should receive a friendly welcome message that tells you more about the group.

DailyCaring Tip: Be sure to look for the Memory People Closed Group. The private group is different from the Memory People Page, which is public.

Only the MP community sees your posts and comments

You can feel safe posting or commenting in Memory People because it’s a closed group.

Your posts on the Memory People page will only be seen by other members of the MP community and won’t be shown on your personal Facebook page.

Bottom line

Talking with other people who are on the same caregiving journey can be incredibly helpful and therapeutic. Joining a larger community is a way to know that you’re not on this journey alone.

Plus, you can ask practical questions and get tried-and-true tips on how to deal with difficult real-life caregiving situations.

By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: Google Images

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