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Caregiver Holiday Stress Guide: 6 Top Tips for Managing Stress

Get tips and resources that help family caregivers manage the extra holiday stress

Have a more pleasant holiday with our best caregiver stress tips

Holidays are stressful enough, but when you add caregiving to the mix, the combo can send stress levels through the roof.

To improve your holiday experience, we’ve chosen our 6 top articles that help you reset holiday expectations, reduce emotional stress, cope with feeling unappreciated, and reduce overall stress and anxiety.


6 top articles help you reduce caregiver holiday stress

1) 3 Ways to Reduce Caregiver Holiday Stress and Enjoy the Season When you’re a caregiver, it’s important to remember that holidays don’t have to be the same as they were in the past.

Get 3 tips to help you eliminate unrealistic expectations, reduce guilt and stress, and get a well-deserved break. 3 tips to boost your holiday enjoyment

2) Caregiver Emotions: 2 Tips for Managing Tough Feelings Emotional issues in caregiving, like guilt or sadness, can intensify during the holidays. These strong feelings add to your stress, but are often pushed aside when things are hectic.

Get tried-and-true advice to help you manage these caregiver emotions from a social worker with decades of experience. Get expert advice for dealing with caregiving emotions

3) 5 Techniques That Quickly Relieve Caregiver Anxiety Caring for an older adult is a tough job. The stress can build up and suddenly come to a point where the anxiety and emotions intensify until you feel completely overwhelmed.

To quickly break out of a panicked negative spiral, we’ve got 5 simple techniques that stop caregiver anxiety in its tracks. Get fast anxiety relief with 5 simple tips you can use anytime, anywhere

4) 11 Ways to Cope with Feeling Unappreciated as a Caregiver Feeling unappreciated when you do so much to care for your older adult is a common issue in caregiving – and that feeling can be intensified during the holidays.

Not feeling valued increases resentment and stress, eventually leading to burnout. What’s important is to learn to manage the negative feelings to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Get 11 tips to help you cope with feeling unappreciated

Advertisement 5) 25 Quick Journal Prompts That Reduce Caregiver Stress and Improve Health The stress of holiday caregiving can really wear you down. A quick, inexpensive, and effective way to reduce caregiver stress and improve health is to write in a journal.

Writing down thoughts and feelings is proven to have a long list of benefits like reduced stress and depression, improved ability to withstand stress, infection, and disease, and improved sleep.

We share our 10 favorite prompts that make journaling quick and easy and explain how to use them. Get journal prompts that help you quickly release stress and think positively

6) 5 Mobile Apps That Instantly Relieve Caregiver Anxiety When you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, worry, fear, or anger it can be difficult to interrupt the negative cycle and shake ourselves free of those feelings.

We rounded up 5 wonderful (and free!) mobile apps that instantly lower your blood pressure, help you focus on positive thoughts, and bring you back to a calm state.

That lets you relax enough to take a break, make decisions with a clear head, or continue to be patient with your older adult despite a frustrating situation. Get fast, free anxiety relief from 5 helpful mobile apps

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team


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