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Caring From a Distance: 2 Ways to Manage Senior Health During Covid-19

Hero helps seniors take the right medication at the right time and alerts caregivers to missed doses

Coronavirus has changed everything in our lives, especially for those of us caring for an older adult we love.

Ensuring their well-being is even more of a priority now, so we’re all looking for ways to keep them safe. 

Here are two ways to keep seniors safer and healthier during these challenging times.

1. Reduce virus exposure, but help with essential needs

By now, we all know we shouldn’t be making non-essential visits to seniors who live independently.

Of course, when you’re their primary caregiver, determining what’s essential can be challenging.

While an emergency clearly warrants a visit, many proactive visits can help prevent future problems, including:

  1. Dropping off prescription medication refills.

  2. Delivering meals or groceries.

  3. Helping clean the house, wash dishes, or do laundry.

  4. Setting up needed technology tools.

2. Use tech tools to keep them healthy from a distance

Technology tools can help seniors stay healthy and connected.

For example, being able to make and receive video calls allows them to regularly “see” family and friends. A home assistant offers entertainment and a sort of companionship. And a smart security system’s video feed gives you a window into their home so you can check on their safety.

But one new type of technology may actually improve your older adult’s day-to-day health:

The Hero device makes it easy for seniors to take the right meds at the correct time and alerts caregivers to missed doses

Meet Hero. Hero is an all-in-one medication management system that makes sure your older adult gets the right medications at the right time. 

It also lets you know if they miss a dose or are running low on meds.

After all, taking medication properly prevents about 125,000 deaths every year.

So, having a tech tool that helps your older adult take the correct doses at the correct times gives you both real peace of mind.

No matter how complex their pill routine is, Hero can handle it.

The Hero device holds up to a 90-day supply of prescription pills and supplements of different sizes, and can dispense up to 10 unique pills at a time. 

It even reminds your older adult to take meds that are stored outside of Hero, like injections and cough syrups.

The Hero app, a smart tech solution for caregiving

Know that meds are being taken on time You might think, “Organizing and storing meds is all well and good, but how do I know my mom’s actually dispensing her meds?” 

That’s what the Hero app is for. It can alert you to her scheduled medication times, missed doses, and even when refills are needed.

So when it’s time for your mom to take her 6 morning pills, a light on Hero blinks, and she’ll hear a chime. 

All she has to do is press the button on Hero, and it auto-sorts and dispenses all 6 pills into the dosage cup for mom to take. 

If she didn’t push the button and dispense her pills, you’ll get a notification through the app that she missed her dose. That way, you can give her a call right away to check in and gently remind her to take her pills.

Easy setup Setting up Hero is quick and easy: you just need WiFi at your older adult’s house, your smartphone, and a little counter space for the device itself.

Setup typically takes just a few minutes, so you can keep the visit short if you’re concerned about exposing them to Covid-19 through a long in-person visit.

After you program your older adult’s medication schedule in the Hero app, the device itself walks you through the process to fill it with meds. The Hero device will ensure that the right pills are dispensed at the right time.

While technology can’t replace being with your older loved one in person, it can make caregiving easier during these stressful times.

By ensuring your older adult is getting the correct doses on their exact medication schedule, Hero helps make the family time you do have more enjoyable.

So even if you’re only seeing each other in a video chat, you can spend that time talking about memories, not medication reminders.

Next Step Get $50 off with the code ​DC50 and try Hero risk free for 30 days to keep your senior on track with their medications. Or, call 1-855-855-9962 to find out more.

The Hero medication management system gives you peace of mind, making it simple for you or your loved ones to take the right medications at the right time, every time. Hero holds up to a 90-day supply of up to 10 different medications.

This article is sponsored by Hero. For more information, see How We Make Money.


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