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Could Palliative Care Improve Your Senior’s Quality of Life?

palliative care

Palliative care could improve quality of life for seniors

Palliative care (PAL-ee-uh-tiv) is medical care that’s focused on relieving pain, stress, and other disease symptoms. It’s an extra layer of support that’s designed to improve quality of life for people with serious health conditions.

Many doctors may not think of recommending palliative care as an option for older adults. That’s why it’s important for you to understand what it is. If it could improve your older adult’s quality of life, you’ll know to ask the doctor about it.

We share 3 key facts about palliative care and a quick quiz that helps you figure out if it could help your older adult. Plus, we also share a national directory of hospitals with palliative care services.


3 key facts about palliative care

1. Palliative care can be used during any stage of a serious illness as a supplement to other medical treatments. It helps seniors and caregivers cope with side effects, fears, and stress.

2. Because it reduces pain and discomfort, palliative care often improves the ability to tolerate treatments and recover from procedures.

3. Palliative care teams also take the time to discuss the benefits and risks of treatments or procedures. This helps families feel more confident about the choices they’re making. Having a better idea of what’s likely to happen reduces anxiety for everyone.

Quick quiz tells you if palliative care is recommended

It can be tough to know if palliative care is something you should look into. We found a quick quiz from Get Palliative Care that helps you figure out if it could benefit your older adult.

Answer 5 easy questions to get a recommendation on whether you may want to talk with your older adult’s doctor about palliative care options.

Find a local palliative care provider

If your older adult could benefit from palliative care, speak with their doctor or use this handy provider directory to find a hospital in your area that offers these services.

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