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Do You Get Caregiver Criticism from Family or Friends? 3 Reasons Why

caregiver criticism

Why would someone criticize you as a caregiver?

Caring for a parent or spouse is an even bigger challenge when family or friends feel free to criticize you. Especially if they aren’t even helping with caregiving.

We share 3 reasons why they may be saying these negative and unfair things – that have very little to do with you.

We also explain how getting a better understanding of what’s behind their comments helps you deal with them, takes the edge off your anger, and reduces your stress.


Avoid fights with better understanding

It may sound crazy to try to figure out why someone is being critical of you, but taking a step back and understanding their motivation can help you see their comments more objectively.

It’s never OK for someone to talk to you in a disrespectful or mean way, but if they’re struggling with denial or clumsily trying to help, you might choose to handle their remarks in a different way.

The real goal is to reduce stress and keep your blood pressure from spiking.

Avoiding getting sucked into a fight and keeping those comments from getting stuck in your head goes a long way to improving your health and well-being.

3 reasons behind the caregiver criticism

1. They have their own issues and are taking them out on you That mean comment might have nothing to do with you.

When some people feel badly about themselves, they take it out on other people. They feel “less than” so as a defense mechanism, they put you down to make themselves feel better.

They might be lashing out because they feel:

  1. Threatened because you’re doing a fantastic job caring for mom.

  2. Guilty for not participating in dad’s care.

  3. Insecure or hurt because you (spouse) are needed and wanted and they (adult child) aren’t.

  4. Jealous because you’re now the favorite person.

  5. Greedy. If they want your mom’s money, they might be worried that you’re going to get it because you’re caring and dedicated and they’re not.

2. They can’t cope with what’s happening Other people have a hard time dealing with illness or change. If your parent or spouse needs a lot of help, it’s probably because their health has gotten worse.

These type of critics might say mean things because they’re scared or in denial.

Your caregiving actions are making the reality of the situation very clear, but since they can’t cope with what’s happening, they resort to inappropriate comments.

3. They’re trying to help, but communicate poorly In some cases, someone may be trying to make a helpful suggestion, but it’s coming across as a criticism.

Even though they’re not expressing themselves clearly (or tactfully), their intentions are actually good and their comment could actually be useful.

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