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Entertaining Seniors at Home: Watch Free Live Nature Cameras

entertaining seniors at home

Enjoy nature from the comfort of home

Preventing boredom in seniors is a great way to improve mood, reduce agitation and anxiety, and improve quality of life overall.

But finding new activities that your older adult enjoys and is able to participate in can be a constant caregiving challenge.

Many people enjoy nature scenes and observing animals in their natural habitat, but are limited by mobility or what’s near their window or home.

We found a wonderful website called that has live camera feeds from places all around the world.

The best part is that it’s completely free for anyone to watch.

From the comfort of home, watch horses in Kentucky, a tropical reef aquarium in California, the Northern Lights in Canada, pandas in China, beautiful sunsets in Hawaii, and more!

We explain how to use the website and share some of our favorite live camera feeds.


How to watch free live nature cameras

Watching these live nature cameras is completely free, doesn’t require creating an account, and there are dozens of different animals and nature locations to choose from.

Visit the website’s Livecam section and browse the categories shown in the menu strip across the top section of the page.

When you see something that interests you, click on it.

After clicking into a category page, you’ll see a large image of the featured camera feed. Continue scrolling down the page to see all the other camera options in the category.

Here’s an example:

  1. Click the menu category “Oceans”

  2. In the main video player, you’ll see a live feed or previously recorded highlights if the camera is not active at that time.

  3. Scrolling down to the area below the main video player shows the additional live camera feeds available in the “Oceans” section. Labels will show which feeds are currently live and which are highlights of previously recorded footage.

  4. Below the section of additional live camera feeds is an area with more information about what’s showing on the main video player.

Explore the site and see our favorites

Get a feel for the variety of animals and locations available by clicking around the various categories and scrolling through the image strip.

Because these are live feeds, what you’ll see depends on when you tune in. Animals may be sleeping, not in camera range, or gone for the season. Some cameras will show highlights of previously recorded footage during times of no activity.

The website also offers free documentary films and live chats on different nature topics.

With so many different choices available, it’s easy to click around and explore the website until you find something interesting.

Our favorites include:

  1. Bergin Puppies – extreme puppy cuteness

  2. Panda Bears – adorable and fun pandas

  3. Kentucky Equine Adoption Center – beautiful horses

  4. Waimea Bay & Beach – take a virtual trip to Hawaii

  5. Zen Den – soothing nature scenes in a variety of locations. Some feeds are “Meditation” style, which means that a soothing soundtrack is played along with the video.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team

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