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Family Caregiving How-To Videos Free from AARP

Dozens of helpful caregiving how-to videos and printable resource guides, all available for free on the AARP website.

How-to video tutorials for medical or nursing caregiving tasks

While caring for an older adult at home, caregivers often have to learn medical or nursing tasks on their own.

This is because most families don’t get proper training for the care that serious health conditions require.

To support caregivers, AARP has created dozens of helpful caregiving how-to videos and printable resource guides, all available for free on their website.

The videos cover 8 major caregiving categories including special diets, managing incontinence, wound care, mobility, and managing medications.

We share a list of the 8 categories, most having 6+ videos covering a variety of topics. Some are available in both Spanish and English.


Watch dozens of helpful, free how-to videos from AARP

Visit this page on the AARP website to see all the available videos and resource guides.

Here, we highlight two videos from each category to show some of the useful topics that are covered.

1. Pain Management

2. Preparing for a Hospital Stay – English & Spanish

3. Operating Specialized Medical Equipment – English & Spanish

4. Special Diets

5. Managing Incontinence – English & Spanish

6. Wound Care – English & Spanish

7. Mobility – English & Spanish

8. Managing Medications – English & Spanish

Free printable how-to guides are also available

In addition to the dozens of helpful caregiving how-to videos, AARP has also created dozens of helpful printable Resource Guides.

Most contain information similar to what’s covered in their videos, but the guides present them in a concise, easily printable format.

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