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Foot Care Products for Seniors: Solve 3 Common Problems

elderly foot care

Good foot care products for seniors can improve health and safety

Thinking about and caring for somebody else’s feet is kind of gross. But foot care is important for older adults because aging feet have poorer circulation and drier skin. That can cause bigger issues like pain, infection, unwillingness to walk, and increased fall risk.

Solving common foot problems increases your older adult’s safety and mobility. It also improves their overall health and quality of life.

We found foot care products for seniors that relieve 3 common conditions: very dry feet with cracking heels, inability to reach feet to apply needed lotions, and stubborn athlete’s foot.


Problem #1: very dry feet with cracking heels

When feet are very dry and cracking, they can be painful to walk on and are more likely to get infected.

To avoid pain and infections, it’s important to keep feet clean and well-moisturized – but not greasy (to avoid slipping and falling). Average lotions usually aren’t moisturizing enough unless they’re super greasy and slick.

A better solution is something like Flexitol Heel Balm, which softens and hydrates dry feet and cracking heels, has little to no scent, and is not greasy. It’s inexpensive and the nearly 400 Amazon reviews are very positive.

Problem #2: can’t reach feet to apply lotions or medicated creams

As older adults lose flexibility, it becomes more difficult to take care of hard-to-reach body parts like feet.

To make it easier for your older adult to care for their feet independently, try the Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator – it’s got over 2,200 positive Amazon reviews.

Some reviews also included tips for keeping the applicator pad extra clean. We thought wrapping it in a piece of disposable plastic food wrap before use was one of the best ideas.

Problem #3: stubborn athlete’s foot

Fungal and bacterial conditions thrive on aging feet because older adults are less able to keep their feet clean and dry. It’s also much easier for bacteria to take hold in dry, cracking skin.

If your older adult has severe or persistent itching, redness, swelling, or pain, see a doctor or podiatrist to understand the cause of the problem and rule out serious infections like cellulitis.

If the problem is a fungal condition and the doctor thinks it’s a good idea to try over-the-counter products, this Tea Tree Oil liquid soap is highly rated by over 3,800 people on Amazon. It treats athlete’s foot and a variety of fungal and bacterial skin issues on the feet and body.

For really stubborn cases, some people may want to combine the tea tree oil soap with Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream, which is highly rated on Amazon by over 800 people.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: The Foot Clinic and LA Reflexology

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