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Home Safety for Seniors: 13 Home & Kitchen Fixes in One Day

home safety for seniors

Prevent falls with simple home modifications

Did you know that many useful safety updates take less than one day to complete?

These quick fixes can prevent falls and other injuries.

Avoiding these accidents helps seniors live longer and more independently.


13 quick fixes in just one day!

Our list of 13 quick-fix tasks could be done in one day. We’ve included useful tips, product suggestions, and how-to’s.

But you could also focus on the list items that are the biggest threats to your older adult’s safety and independence.

If possible, assign some tasks to members of your family or caregiving team – together you’ll get more done, more quickly.

Your senior may insist that they will take care of these things themselves, but let’s be honest, f they haven’t fixed them already, they probably never will.

Besides, once all the fixes are done, they’ll probably be relieved to have a safer living space.

13 safety solutions for house and kitchenSafety ProblemSafe Solutions1Is the house address clearly visible from the street?Install large house numbers in metal or stickers so they can be seen from the street. Here’s an example of a large, reflective house number sticker.

Or, spray paint large house numbers on the street curb in 15 minutes, like this.2Are emergency contact numbers posted by all telephones and on the refrigerator?Post a list of important contact numbers in handy locations. Make sure they’re clear and easy-to-read.


  1. Family members

  2. Trusted friends and neighbors

  3. Doctors

  4. Police and fire department

  5. Any severe allergies or major health issues

  6. Info about their DNR or POLST3Are all rugs and doormats skid-proof and well secured?Rugs and doormats are a tripping hazard. Older adults can easily trip on something that’s just 1/8 inch thick.

Non-slip backs don’t always prevent the corners from flipping up. If your older adult is starting to shuffle their feet, consider removing all rugs.4Are all electric cords secure and away from walking areas?Move any cords that are in areas used for walking.

It’s best to attach cords along the base of walls so they’re out of the way. Get longer cords if needed. A staple gun can help to secure them.5Are all hallways, doorways, stairways, and landings clear of obstructions?Remove clutter or decorations from these areas to reduce the chances of tripping, stumbling, or falling.6Is the water heater set at a temperature that won’t scald?Lower the water heater temperature.

Do this by turning the temperature setting dial down on the water heater itself7Are smoke detectors installed in every room? Are there any carbon monoxide detectors?These are easily installed with a screwdriver. Get safety tips and information here.

Some suggestions:

Pro Tip: Arrange for a friend or neighbor to help out in case the smoke detector has a false alarm or needs new batteries. Properly mounted alarms will be too high for seniors to safely reset on their own.8Are working flashlights readily accessible?Buy strong, lightweight, easy-to-operate flashlights and place them in easy-access locations in frequently used rooms.

A few suggestions:

  1. Amazon Duracell Ultra 550 Lumens Aluminum Flashlight 12 AAA Batteries Included (3 Pack)

  2. Amazon Eveready LED Flashlight (8-Pack) Bright Reliable Flashlights for General Purpose

  3. Home Depot Eveready General Purpose LED Flashlight 2 Pack9Is a first-aid kit easily accessible?Put band-aids, antibacterial cream, and other basic first-aid items in a convenient location.10In the kitchen, are often-used items within easy reach?Move all necessary items lower or higher to prevent the need for step stools or bending over too far.

Expert Tip: This is also a great chance to get rid of clutter!11In the kitchen, is there a safe step stool with a handrail? (This assumes your older adult can still safely use it.)A couple of options:

  1. Home Depot Gorilla 2-Step Compact Steel Step StoolAre jars and canned foods easy to open?This is a great jar opener that opens jars and cans with the touch of a button.13Does the microwave work properly?If not, buy a new counter-top microwave. Here are some options from Home Depot.

By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: Right at Home

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