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Incontinence Protectors for Furniture and Cars Make Cleanup Easy

Incontinence protectors for furniture and cars protect against leaks, make cleanup easy and fast, and prevent lingering odors

Incontinence protectors make cleanup easier

When an older adult is living with incontinence, furniture is likely to get soiled even if they always wear incontinence briefs – leaks can happen, despite everyone’s best efforts.

Cleaning furniture can be tough and odors can get stuck deep inside of non-washable cushions.

It’s not reasonable to get a new couch or recliner chair every time it gets too stained or smelly. 

Solve this problem by investing in some incontinence protector pads to prevent damage to recliner chairs, couches, and even car seats.

We found reusable incontinence pads and covers that are discreet, stylish, comfortable to sit on, and make cleanup easier and faster – just toss them in the wash. 


Incontinence protectors for furniture

The first thing to do for anything that’s upholstered is to spray on a fabric protector like this one.

Then add a water-resistant cover, like these:

Keep in mind that these covers are generally not completely waterproof, so they’ll likely work well for light leaks, but might not do as well for heavy ones.

If heavier leaks happen often, consider adding another layer (or two) of waterproof pads either above or below the water-resistant cover, like these:

  1. $20 Ameritex Waterproof Blanket for Furniture – many reviews say this pad is indeed waterproof, comes in a variety of colors and sizes

  2. $18 Sures Waterproof Chair Pads

  3. $18 RMS Washable & Reusable Incontinence Chair Pad

  4. $17 Non-Slip Absorbent Washable Incontinence Pad

You might also want to keep a couple of extra chair pads on hand. It’s easy to throw them on any unprotected surfaces just in case your older adult wants to sit somewhere different.

Incontinence protectors for wheelchairs or chairs

For wheelchairs or other chairs, add a waterproof pad to the seat. Buy two to double up for added protection or get more to cover all their favorite seats.

Some options:


Incontinence protectors for car seats

It’s equally important to protect car seats from accidents and leaks so you don’t have to worry when driving with your older adult.

Some options: 

  1. $24 lebogner Waterproof Car Seat Cover – universal fit, variety of colors

  2. $30 Leader Accessories Waterproof Seat Cover – universal fit, variety of colors

  3. $26 HAPYFOST Waterproof Front Seat Cover

For heavier leaks, you could also add a waterproof chair pad like these on top of the car seat cover:

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