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Innovative Eating Utensils for Alzheimer’s: Make Mealtime Easier

eating utensils for Alzheimer’s

Cognitive impairment makes eating a challenge

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive impairments can make eating and drinking a challenge for older adults. Coordination issues, hand tremors, or confusion caused by these conditions can make holding utensils or getting food into the mouth nearly impossible.

One solution is to get special utensils and tableware that make it possible for seniors to eat independently. This might even encourage them to eat more because it would make mealtime easier and more enjoyable.

A company called Eatwell specifically designed tableware to:

  1. Increase food and drink intake for better health and nutrition

  2. Maintain dignity and independence during meals

  3. Reduce the burden on caregivers


Eatwell’s tableware sets make eating easier

These red or yellow tableware sets have unique features to help those with cognitive or motor impairments.

eating utensils for Alzheimer’s

Yellow tableware set

  1. For solid foods

  2. Includes a specially designed bowl, spoon, and mug with lid

Red tableware set

  1. For soups and liquid foods

  2. Includes specially designed bowl, spoon, and anti-tipping cup with lid

The inspiration behind Eatwell

Eatwell’s founder was inspired by her late grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s, and her experience volunteering at senior care centers. Hear her story in this 4 minute video.

Useful design features

eating utensils for Alzheimer’s

The bowl

  1. Slanted basin that collects food on one side

  2. One right-angled side provides a surface to scoop against

  3. Handle gives extra space to hold the bowl without touching the food inside

  4. Brightly colored to stimulate appetite

  5. Interior color makes food easier to see and stand out against the bowl

eating utensils for Alzheimer’s

The spoon

  1. Available in right and left-handed versions

  2. Exactly match the curvature of the bowl for easy and efficient scooping

  3. Handles are curved to fit the natural alignment of a person’s hand

eating utensils for Alzheimer’s

The mug and anti-tipping cup

  1. Cup has a sturdy, wide base that resists tipping from short drops and bumps

  2. Mug has extended handle for extra support and helps prevent tipping

  3. Both include a lid with securely held straw

eating utensils for Alzheimer’s

Extra features

  1. Optional tray that allows a bib, apron, or tablecloth to be attached to the edge, catching any dropped foods and keeping clothing and carpet clean

  2. Dishwasher safe

  3. Anti-slip material to prevent spills and make it easier to grip

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: Eatwell

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