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Managing Medications for Seniors: Improve Health with an Automated Pill Dispenser

Hero Health managing medications for seniors

If you’re caring for an ailing spouse or aging relative, you’re probably far too familiar with the worry of managing medications for seniors.

Whether they’re on a complex medication schedule or simply need reminding to take their blood pressure pills, missed or incorrect doses can result in a frightening visit to the Emergency Room.

In fact, failing to follow the doctor’s instructions when taking prescription medications leads to 125,000 preventable deaths each year.

Juan Martinez understands the challenge of monitoring someone’s medications. He cares for his aunt who has diabetes and was regularly forgetting to take her medications. Since he doesn’t live with her, he wasn’t able to put the pills in her hand to make sure she took them.

Juan knew something had to change after his aunt needed frequent, repeated trips to the Emergency Room. Forgetting to take her diabetes medication was causing serious problems with her blood sugar.

Here, he shares his journey to find a medication management system that keeps her healthy and safe and gives him peace of mind.

Juan and his aunt enjoying dinner at her favorite restaurant

Juan needed a medication management solution to improve his aunt’s health and prevent medical emergencies

To help his aunt take her medication properly and prevent future trips to the ER, Juan researched in-home medication management solutions. 

From automated pill boxes to reminder apps, Juan considered many different solutions. But none of them were simple and reliable enough for his aunt and her care team to use.

He needed something that could store multiple medications, dispense them on schedule with visual and audible reminders, and notify him immediately if there was a missed dose – no matter where he was.

That’s when he found Hero – the only in-home medication device that met all of Juan and his aunt’s needs.

Hero Health managing medications for seniors

Hero, an automated system for managing medications for seniors

“I was looking for a way to help my aunt become more compliant with her medication schedule to help us both save time. Now (with Hero) I see in real-time on a daily basis when she has dispensed her medications, and her diabetes is finally in check! ” – Juan Martinez, nephew

The Hero pill dispenser is the only intelligent in-home medication management device that stores, sorts, and dispenses a month’s supply of up to 10 different medications, no matter how complex the medication schedule. 

With a blinking light and a recognizable sound alert, Hero lets your older adult know when it’s time for their next dose.

But what gave Juan the most piece of mind was knowing that he’d be notified immediately through the easy-to-use Hero app if his aunt forgot to take a dose.

And with Hero Fill, an optional free service that Hero users can sign up for, your older adult will never run out of their meds and you’ll never be stuck in line at the pharmacy. The refill service connects through the Hero app and delivers prescriptions directly to their door.

Hero Health managing medications for seniors

Save time, money, and worry with Hero medication management for seniors

Today, instead of having to rush to the hospital ER, Juan gets a notification on his Hero app if his aunt skips a dose of medication.

After getting one of these notifications, Juan makes a quick phone call to his aunt and quickly prevents an emergency by asking her to take her medication.

Hero has given Juan peace of mind and saved him precious time. With a demanding full-time job, time management is one of Juan’s top needs.

“Things like Hero help make it easier for you to take care of your loved ones,” Juan says. “I’m constantly trying to find the most efficient ways of doing what has to be done, and this has been a huge help, cutting down the amount of time we used to spend on the logistics of her pills.”

Because Hero made managing medications easier and improved his aunt’s health, Juan and his aunt are now able to spend more quality time together.

Next Step Try Hero to sort and organize medication for a 100 day risk free trial. Or call 1-855-855-9962 to find out more.

Hero gives you peace of mind with an automatic pill dispenser that makes it simple and easy for you or your loved ones to take the right medication at the right time, every time. Hero holds a 30+ day supply of up to 10 different medications.

This article is sponsored by Hero Health™. For more information, see How We Make Money.


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