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Music for Seniors: Improve Health, Mood, and Sleep

music for seniors

Music improves health, mood, and sleep

Music has many therapeutic benefits for seniors and sometimes helps more than medication. In documentaries like Alive Inside, we’ve seen how music can deeply affect older adults with cognitive issues.

This study showed that in stressful pre-surgery situations, patients who listened to music rather than taking anti-anxiety meds actually had less anxiety and lower cortisol (stress) levels.

Other studies say that music can also:

  1. Reduce pain

  2. Reduce blood pressure

  3. Help post-stroke recovery

  4. Improve memory and engage people with memory disorders like Alzheimer’s or dementia

  5. Improve sleep

  6. Improve mood and decrease depression

  7. Have an anti-seizure effect

  8. Boost immune function

These are all great reasons to make music a part of your senior’s daily routine. As a bonus, music might help you feel happier and less stressed too!

Play the right music

To get these benefits, you need to play music that your older adult enjoys. If they still have their music collection, dig through those albums to find their favorite bands. Start by playing music from their youth and find something that brings that spark to their eyes.

By DailyCaring Editorial Staff Image: kamere

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