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Music Has a Powerful Positive Impact on Seniors with Dementia: Alive Inside

What is Alive Inside about?

Alive Inside is a documentary that follows Dan Cohen, a social worker and founder of the non-profit organization Music & Memory.

The film is a valuable reminder that even if someone with dementia doesn’t communicate often, they’re still alive inside.

Dan visits nursing homes across the country and shows the powerful positive effect of music on seniors with dementia. Normally uncommunicative seniors sometimes start singing, dancing, or speaking.

Dan and the filmmaker also talk with family members who have seen firsthand how music has deeply affected their older adults.

We describe who would enjoy watching Alive Inside, share touching moments from the film, explain why it’s so important, and link to how to watch it.


Who would enjoy watching Alive Inside?

Anyone caring for an older adult will get something out of this movie.

It’s a valuable reminder that even if older adults don’t speak or act like they used to, they’re not empty inside.

Families caring for an older adult with Alzheimer’s or dementia will especially relate to this film.

Even though the topic is a bit sad, we think you’ll feel uplifted and inspired to play your older adult’s favorite tunes for them.

Touching moments in the film

Bring tissues! You’ll tear up in at least a few of these moving scenes.

It’s amazing to watch happy expressions spread across formerly blank faces as these seniors listen to their favorite songs.

In one moving scene, we watch as 94-year-old Henry, in an advanced stage of decline, listens to his favorite singer. The music brings him alive again! His eyes are alert, he sways to the beat, he sings along, and even answers a few questions.

Why are movies like Alive Inside important?

It’s important to demonstrate how effective inexpensive, non-drug methods can be in reducing challenging dementia behaviors.

Learning about these types of techniques may inspire people to try music, art, dance, or other creative approaches to connect with people with dementia and improve their quality of life.

How to watch Alive Inside

To watch the Alive Inside movie, you can:

Groups or organizations can request a screening at their location.

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