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Safety Bath Mats Reduce Bathroom Fall Risk

safe bath mats

– Question –

I know Mom isn’t supposed to have bath mats in the bathroom because they slide around and could make her trip or slip. But when she takes a shower, the floor gets wet and slippery and that’s dangerous too.

Is there a safe bath mat that soaks up water, but won’t cause her to fall?

– Answer –

You’re absolutely right, traditional bath mats increase fall risk because they’re bulky and are likely to slide or flip up. It’s important to remove these types of mats from your older adult’s bathroom. But splashes and drips from bathing do make the floor wet and slippery and increase fall risk.

Solution: safer bath mats

A good solution is to use a low-profile, non-skid mat for soaking up water on the floor during bathing. We like this inexpensive, low profile, non-skid mat. It’s a kitchen mat, but has a soft feel and does a great job keeping the bathroom floor dry.

It might seem strange to use kitchen mats or indoor doormats as a bath mat, but they’re much safer than a traditional bath mat. Ultra-thin mats with fully rubberized backings stick securely to the floor. Because they’re so thin, they’re less likely to flip up at the edges and cause your mom to trip. They’re also easier to glide over with a walker.

These mats are more expensive than traditional bath mats, but it’s well worth the small investment to prevent a devastating fall.

DailyCaring tip: For even greater safety, only put the mat out during bath time. When your older adult is finished bathing, drape the mat over the side of the tub or shower door. This keeps it off the floor so there’s no chance of tripping.

A few more mats we like

For more color and price options, search on websites like or Bed Bath & Beyond for non-skid, low profile, or microfiber mats.

Here are a few more we liked:

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