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Safety + Style: Beautiful Jewelry With a Medical Alert Device Inside

Sponsored by LifeStation

Women of all ages deserve helpful products and accessories that are stylish and modern.

Many older women are willing to wear a medical alert device so they can call for help in an emergency, but there are many who simply refuse because of the way these devices make them look and feel.

Customer preferences inspire creative designs

For years, the entire medical alert industry focused on improving safety and wearability features like size, mobile coverage, and speaker strength.

Now, companies like LifeStation are placing the focus on the customer – how they feel about the product and how they see themselves when using it.

Instead of building a clunky pendant to hold the medical alert technology, wouldn’t it be better to take a beautiful piece of jewelry and put the technology inside?

LifeStation Luxury is jewelry that also provides safety and security

This luxury jewelry has safety features inside

LifeStation’s newest product, LifeStation Luxury, is a beautifully-crafted jewelry pendant that’s also equipped with a discreet medical alert button.

Now, senior women who appreciate the added safety and security of a medical alert device no longer have to trade style for safety.

The LifeStation Luxury’s custom design includes a case with rhodium-colored plating and is accented with a stunning faceted lapis blue resin stone. 

Weighing about 2 ounces, the pendant is small and lightweight, so it’s comfortable to wear around the neck.

Plus, the battery keeps the pendant running for up to one year. so there’s no need to worry about keeping it charged.

LifeStation Luxury keeps you safe, everywhere you go

How LifeStation Luxury works

LifeStation Luxury works by pairing the stylish pendant with the LifeStation mobile medical alert device that works across the United States.

While the attractive pendant is meant to be on display, the mobile medical alert device can be discreetly tucked into a pocket or bag or easily attached to a belt.

LifeStation Luxury suits your active, vibrant lifestyle

Get 4 big features in one small package

1. Most reliable mobile network To ensure that your older adult feels as secure outside their home as they do inside, this medical alert system works on the trusted and reliable nationwide AT&T 4G LTE network.

Even better, the mobile network is part of the service so your older adult doesn’t need to have their own mobile phone service.

2. Enhanced location services LifeStation’s proprietary combination of GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth signals deliver pinpoint location accuracy (even indoors).

This gives fast, precise, reliable service when your older adult needs help in an emergency.

3. 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring With monitoring centers in New Jersey and Texas, LifeStation certified care specialists are always on call for any medical alert emergency.

4. Fastest response time Get one of the fastest response times in the medical alert industry from LifeStation’s award-winning, CSAA Five Diamond senior alert monitoring center.

30-day money back guarantee

A LifeStation Luxury medical alert system makes a lovely gift.

But if your older adult isn’t satisfied with it, the 30-day money back guarantee has you covered – send it back for a full refund.

LifeStation is one of the leading providers of medical alert monitoring and telehealth technology services in the United States. LifeStation’s mission is to leverage innovative technology and services to transform the lives of seniors and help them live safely and independently. Of equal importance is the wellbeing of caregivers and providing them with the peace of mind they need. 

This article is sponsored by LifeStation. For more information, see How We Make Money.


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