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Senior Move Managers Take the Stress Out of Downsizing and Moving

senior move managers

Clearing decades of memories is overwhelming

Many older adults will eventually move to a smaller place, live with relatives, or need to clear out the clutter to make their living space safer. If you’re helping your older adult clear out their unnecessary belongings, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of stuff.

We discovered a helpful service that not many people know about: senior move managers. They specialize in helping people downsize and move.

Senior move managers are experts in moving and decluttering

We talked with experts Julie Feldmann and Helen Ingwersen from T-O-P Move Management to find out how senior move managers help seniors and caregivers.

Senior move managers are specialists who can help people clear out a lifetime of belongings. If you need, they can even take care of the entire job from start to finish. This service is especially helpful if you’re not able to be there in person to help your senior with a big move. It’s also useful if you need to move someone who has dementia with as little disruption as possible.

On top of decluttering and moving services, senior move managers also know local movers, real estate agents, cleaners, and other useful services and can refer you to the people they trust to do a great job.

How do senior move managers help with a move?

If your senior is moving, senior move managers create a floor plan of the new place. This makes sure furniture will actually fit and the living space is safe and pleasant. They even take into account where the electrical outlets are located!

Senior move managers also help:

  1. Sort belongings

  2. Pack & unpack

  3. Clean and dispose of trash

  4. Set aside heirlooms for family or friends

  5. Donate or sell unwanted items

  6. Create a realistic floor and space plan

Get help with last minute or emergency moves

If your senior needs to move on short notice, hiring a senior move manager will save you time and headache. They focus on the most important tasks and take things off your to do list, like finding and scheduling movers and other necessary services.

When should seniors downsize or declutter?

Ideally, everyone should start right away even if a move won’t happen for a while. If your senior is staying in their home, decluttering now helps them age safely in their homes.

Sorting through years of memories is draining. It’s best to do it in small chunks, over time. Since this is the most stressful task, a senior move manager can either do it for you, with you, or create a plan to break the work into manageable pieces.

Bottom line

If you’re worried about how much stuff your older adult has, consider talking with a senior move manager. Successfully clearing out clutter or getting expert help with a move reduces stress and saves valuable time and energy.

Guest expert: T-O-P will help eliminate the stress that comes with any move by packing, unpacking and taking your boxes away. Your new house will feel like home when you walk in the door on the evening of the move. T-O-P Move Management specializes in organizing and sorting, space and floor planning and arranging for distribution of unneeded household items with the goal of making your transition seamless and stress-light.

By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: Organize with Sandy

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