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Seniors Get Up From a Fall More Easily Using Creative Tips

Seniors need to know how to rescue themselves from falls, just in case

Knowing how to get up from a fall is a critical life skill for your older adult. If they’re not injured, having the ability and confidence to help themselves will save them the trauma and embarrassment of being trapped on the floor until help arrives.

If they’re injured and alone, being able to find ways to call for help will prevent the additional trauma, pain, and further injury caused by waiting for hours or days for someone to rescue them.


10 ways seniors can help themselves get up from a fall

In this video, occupational therapist Rhonda Bonecutter, shows 10 different ways to safely get up off the floor or call for help after a fall. She calls her techniques getting up “MacGyver style” after the 1980s TV secret agent because she thinks creatively and uses nearby household objects.

Her examples teach seniors to use whatever they see around them to rescue themselves. As you’ll see in the video, using nearby household objects as aids to help get up makes a huge difference!

Rhonda demonstrates 8 different ways to get up in a non-injury situation and 2 options for injury situations. Her tips cover a variety of strength and ability levels.

Show the video to your older adult and consider having them practice some of the techniques a few times.

Why is self-rescue important?

As mentioned in this video, the longer time a senior spends on the floor after a fall, the higher the risk of severe health consequences and loss of ability to remain independent (9 min 10 sec). The sooner your older adult can get up or call for help, the better off they’ll be.

Who was MacGyver?

Some of you may remember secret agent Angus MacGyver, from the 1980s TV show MacGyver.

He would go on missions and usually end up stuck in dangerous, seemingly unsolvable situations. At the last minute, he would creatively use everyday objects around him to get out of the situation and save the day.

Seniors can be their own heroes

Being able to get up from minor falls and call for help when injured gives seniors and families greater peace of mind. These skills help them feel more confident when alone and avoid the unpleasant consequences of being trapped on the floor.

By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: B-Shoe

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