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Smart Mobile Devices Keep Seniors Independent

increase senior independence and safety with GreatCall easy to use mobile phones and medical alert devices for seniors

Increase senior independence and safety with GreatCall easy to use mobile phones and medical alert devices for seniors

You’re not alone in caring for a family member

Many caregivers are faced with a dilemma: Mom wants to stay in her own home, but you’re worried about her living alone.

But now you can have peace of mind with easy-to-use products and services from GreatCall that can keep your family connected, safe, and healthy.

It all starts with the 5Star Urgent Response service, available on all GreatCall products. At the touch of a button, GreatCall’s highly trained Agents can send a locksmith, contact you or a family member, send medical emergency response, and even help in case she gets lost.

And best of all, you and Mom can choose the phone or medical alert device that’s right for her.

Help Mom feel safe at home or on the go

The Lively Mobile medical alert device gives Mom unlimited one-button access to highly trained professionals who can assist in any situation. That helps her stay independent without compromising her safety.

The Lively Mobile works anywhere a cellular connection is available. With its discreet design and available Fall Detection, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Mom will wear it everywhere she goes.

Stay connected with a phone she’ll love to use

The easy-to-use Jitterbug Flip and the all-new Jitterbug Smart2 have big buttons, large screens, loud speakers and simple menus, so Mom will love keeping in touch with family and friends.

And both are compatible with the 5Star Urgent Response service, so you can feel safe knowing that Mom can get immediate one-button help in any emergency.

Mom feels independent. You feel reassured.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, the GreatCall Link app will give you peace of mind by knowing that Mom is safely going about her day.

She’ll feel safer knowing that if she does call 5Star for help, you’ll be sent an alert and can view her location, making it easier to be there when she needs you.

So when it comes to taking care of an older adult, GreatCall offers simple ways for Mom to stay connected with Jitterbug phones and independent with Lively medical alert devices.

And you’ll both have peace of mind with 5Star Urgent Response service and GreatCall Link app. Even safety expert John Walsh is a big fan!

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