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The Top 25 Senior Gift Ideas Under $25

senior gift ideas

Get 25 fantastic and affordable gift ideas

Finding a wonderful gift for your older adult that’s also affordable, useful, and enjoyable isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite 25 senior gift ideas under $25.

These suggestions vary from products for more independent older adults to gifts for seniors with dementia or greater care needs.

You’re sure to find something they’ll love and that will fit your budget!

We’ve got 5 categories full of wonderful holiday gifts under $25:

Click the links to go directly to one of the categories or scroll down to browse the full list

4 entertaining gifts that inspire smiles

1. Custom photo book Create a custom photo book so your older adult can enjoy reminiscing over special events or memories. For people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you could also create a custom story they’ll love to read by adding simple text to photos or images they enjoy or find meaningful.

  1. Walmart – from $9

  2. Shutterfly – from $20

2. Favorite songs and albums

  1. Add to a music lover’s collection or bring old favorites back into your older adult’s life

  2. Get our top music picks for every age group from 65 to 90+

  1. These coloring books have beautiful, frame-worthy images and provide hours of relaxing fun

4. Jigsaw puzzles

  1. Puzzles are a fun activity and a great way to exercise the brain

  2. Get options for older adults of all activity levels, even for those with cognitive or vision challenges

3 cozy gifts that give extra comfort

1. From $14 House slippers for women and men

  1. These comfy slippers have safe non-skid soles and are adjustable, breathable, and comfortable for wearing around the house

  1. This lightweight blanket keeps knees warm and conveniently attaches to a wheelchair so it won’t get caught in the wheels

  1. This non-electric, 3 pound weighted heating pad wraps around the neck, shoulders, and upper back to provide gentle heat and pressure to soothe aching muscles or joints

  2. Heat it in the microwave

7 gifts that make it easier to accomplish everyday tasks

  1. Arthritis makes it difficult to use standard lamp switches

  2. This helpful adapter enlarges the switch and makes it easy to turn lights on and off

  1. This easy-grip tool makes it easy to button shirts and close zippers

  1. These door grips magically transform slippery, hard-to-turn knobs into something that can easily be gripped or even opened with a finger or elbow

  1. Putting on socks can be tiring or difficult for older adults

  2. This simple aid helps seniors put on their socks without needing to bend over

  1. Thin, small, slippery keys become easy to grasp with this key holder

  2. The extra length also gives more leverage to make it easier to turn the key in the lock

  1. This handy tool eliminates the for bending or straining to pick up fallen or faraway objects

  1. This foam tubing makes almost any type of utensil or tool easier to grip

  2. Amazon reviewers said that it’s helped with eating utensils, toothbrushes, hair brushes, pens, pencils, tools, and more

6 helpful gifts that improve mobility

  1. This little ball gives a great massage, just roll it under aching feet or along tired muscles

  1. When someone has arthritis or limited shoulder / torso mobility, it’s difficult to reach up and pull the seat belt down

  2. This reacher attaches to the seat belt and makes an extra long handle for easy pulling

  1. A stylish and convenient way to carry essentials while using a walker, available in 3 colors

  1. This handy cane increases stability and reduces fall risk

  2. Plus it’s the one that’s recommended by physical therapists

  1. This cushion has a base that swivels

  2. Simply sit and easily swivel the body and legs around – no more struggling to lift legs and turn at the same time

  3. Great for getting in and out of cars

  1. This simple tool helps seniors get in and out of the car with ease

5 gifts that make eating and drinking easier and more pleasant

  1. This attractive beaded cord with two large clips at each end transforms any napkin or towel into a handy bib to protect clothing during meals

  1. This special dish has non-skid feet to grip the table and a low front and high back edge that helps scoop food onto the fork

  2. It’s great for single-handed eating and older adults with poor eyesight, limited coordination, Parkinson’s, stroke recovery, or tremors

  1. This knife has easy grip handles and is bendable to the left or right

  2. The special edge gives extra stability while cutting, even meat

  3. It makes it easier to cut food and is great for one-handed cutting

  1. This fork has 6 ounces of added weight in the built-up handle and the fork head is also bendable

  2. It gives more control so the fork can reach the mouth more easily

  3. It’s great for someone with limited hand mobility, arthritis, Parkinson’s, stroke recovery, or tremors

  1. This easy grip drinking cup reduces spills and makes it easy for older adults to drink their favorite hot or cold beverages

  2. Each mug has double handles and comes with two lid styles

  3. It’s great for older adults with a weak grip, shaking hands, or who need to drink while in bed

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: Salmon Health and Retirement

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