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This Alarm Clock Makes Mornings Easier for Hearing Impaired Seniors

hearing impaired seniors

Hearing loss or medicated sleep makes waking up difficult

For hearing impaired seniors or older adults who take sleep medications, getting up on time in the morning can be hit or miss – they might just sleep through their alarm clock.

Not getting up on time could disrupt their daily routine, cause them to miss their morning dose of medications, or make it harder for them to sleep at night.

We found a useful alarm clock that helps hearing impaired seniors wake up reliably and also makes mornings more pleasant for other people within earshot.


A vibrating alarm clock is an effective alternative

A smart solution is to use an alarm clock that uses something other than a standard buzzer sound. We found one alarm clock that has three different ways to wake someone up – motion, vision, and sound.

The Sonic Bomb alarm clock has a bed shaker, flashing lights, and an extra loud buzzer. Use one, two, or all three features in any combination.

Bed shaker The bed shaking feature is especially good for those who are very hard of hearing or deaf because there’s no need for noise in order to wake up.

The vibration unit can be placed under the mattress, under the fitted sheet (on top of the mattress), under the pillow, or in a corner of the pillowcase. It “shakes” the bed to wake someone up, a little bit like having someone shake a shoulder.

Flashing lights Built-in red lights flash cut through the darkness and help with waking.

Extra loud alarm This alarm is incredibly loud and has adjustable volume control.

Cost and key features

Fortunately, this alarm clock is relatively inexpensive. It costs $34 and has over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon. (And one of our own DailyCaring team members, a notoriously heavy sleeper, swears by this clock.)

The Sonic Bomb alarm clock and bed shaker

Key features:

  1. Powerful 12 volt bed shaker (about the size of a large hockey puck)

  2. Built-in pulsating alert lights

  3. 113db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone & volume control

  4. Large red LCD display

  5. Dual alarms (so you can set it for 2 different times/people, if needed)

  6. Plugs into electrical outlet and has battery backup in case of outages

  7. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

DailyCaring tip: Some people have had trouble with the clock showing an inaccurate time, gaining time, or burning out. This can happen when the power cycle button isn’t set correctly. This clock is compatible with both USA and European countries, so be sure to check the user manual to make sure the power settings are correct for your country.

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