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TV Show about Caring for Aging Parents: Ruth & Erica

You’ll relate to this TV series about caregiving and aging

Caring for an older adult can be an isolating experience. But knowing that a larger caregiving community exists can help you feel less alone.

A free YouTube TV series called Ruth & Erica is a realistic story about the struggles, fears, and sacrifices that family caregivers often face.

Golden Globe winner Maura Tierney, Philip Baker Hall, and Lois Smith are well-known actors who skillfully play out this family drama over 13 eight-minute episodes.

Caregivers will relate to the story and benefit from the “I’m not the only one!” feeling this show creates.

We share what the TV series is about, how to watch for free on YouTube, and the acting talent that brings the story to life.


A daughter struggles with common caregiver challenges

The majority of us will be able to relate to Erica’s frustration with caring for her aging and ailing mom and dad.

We watch the drama unfold as she deals with her dad’s worsening dementia, her mom’s increasing frailty, and their joint resistance to her suggestions to move to a retirement community where they would be safer and better cared for.

We see how Erica’s life in another city gets disrupted, how worried she is about her parents’ well-being, and how overwhelming the responsibility can be.

Ruth & Erica is free to watch

The family drama unfolds over 13 online episodes, each one is about 8 minutes long.

The shows are only available on YouTube, but they’re free to watch and no account sign-up is needed.

Talented acting brings complex characters to life

The cast of this series is fantastic and brings the touching story to life.

Maura Tierney

  1. Plays Erica, the daughter of two aging parents

  2. She’s honest and willing to say out loud what many caregivers are truly feeling

  3. Golden Globe winner for The Affair

Philip Baker Hall

  1. Plays Harry Rappaport, Erica’s father, who is slipping into dementia

  2. From Magnolia

Lois Smith

  1. Plays Erica’s mother Ruth, who is trying to protect her and Harry’s independent lifestyle

  2. From Twister and True Blood

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By DailyCaring Editorial Team Image: WIGS

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