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What Does Assisted Living Provide? 5 Top Amenities

what does assisted living provide

If your older adult is considering a move to assisted living, it’s important to find a place that suits their personality and lifestyle. Seniorly shares tips about what today’s assisted living communities can offer. Find out about bringing a pet, access to technology, independent living, and more.

Gone are the nursing homes of the past

Today’s assisted living communities are more dynamic, accommodating, and high-tech than you realize. Read on to discover the top 5 things you never knew about assisted living.

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1. Many assisted living communities are pet friendly

Today’s assisted living experience is all about the resident. The psychological and emotional benefits of interacting with pets are widely recognized, and many communities are now incorporating pet therapy into their care programs, as well as encouraging residents to bring their furry friends along.

Assisted living communities welcome pets of all types including cats, dogs, birds and fish! To learn more about the pet policies at a particular community, visit their website or simply call the front desk.

Hint: Make sure to ask about weight limits and breed restrictions for dogs.

2. Assisted living is for independent seniors too

Despite being called assisted living, these communities are also geared toward active, independent residents who manage well on their own.

Oftentimes, residents will move into assisted living when they’re younger so that they have access to all of the support and amenities they will need as they grow older. This is perfect for individuals who want to tailor their assisted living experience to their personal lifestyle and care needs.

Fitness programs, social gatherings and local excursions are just a few of the options curated for more independent residents. Community staff ensure that there are constant stream of activities available to residents on a weekly basis.

3. Technology puts family, friends, and the world at residents’ fingertips

Assisted living communities are making great strides to include the resident’s family in daily life.

This includes virtual “trips” via webcams and other technology, during which residents can connect with loved ones for a face-to-face visit. This technology also enables residents to visit places they’ve never been before, such as national landmarks, museums, and far-away cities.

In today’s assisted living communities, technology is considered an exciting part of daily life that keeps residents engaged and happy.

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4. Community “entrance fees” are negotiable

Also known as deposits, community entrance fees are not always set in stone. Once you have visited the community and decided it is the right fit for you, the on-site community director will likely connect with you to discuss pricing.

Keep in mind that community entrance fees are negotiable. For example, some communities may be willing to lower or waive their fee if the move-in happens sooner rather than later.

Hint: Be sure to ask about negotiating this fee before you pay full price.

5. Most assisted living communities support hospice care

The majority of assisted living communities are equipped to support residents on hospice or end-of-life care.

The type of hospice accommodations will depend on the resident’s specific medical needs and budget, and will generally be determined with the community prior to move in.

Be prepared to talk to the community director about your loved one’s hospice needs, including whether they will be entering the community on hospice care or adding it later as their medical needs increase.

When you choose assisted living, you get much more than just a place to live

Assisted living offers a lively, dynamic community experience where residents can stay active, make new friends, and take joy in all life has to offer.

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