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When Parents Live Separately in Assisted Living: How to Help Them Cope

live separately in assisted living

Different care needs can lead to forced separation

As older adult couples age, many end up needing different levels of care. Worsening health conditions often force couples to live separately.

For those who have been together for decades, suddenly being without their life partner can be devastating.

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What to do when parents are forced to live separately

In an interview by The Dollar Stretcher, we explain possible situations that would cause parents to live apart.

To give you an idea of what to expect if that happens, we discuss common reactions your parents might have.

We’ve also shared suggestions for how you could help them cope and how to help them maintain as much of their relationship as possible.

A few coping tips to help parents living apart

One tip is to organize family and friends to regularly visit each parent. Frequently seeing friendly faces helps them to not feel so alone and isolated.

Suddenly eating alone without their lifetime companion can also be difficult. If seniors lose their appetite because of sadness, it negatively affects their health.

To help with this, arrange visits so each parent has company during meals or find a way to help parents have a few meals together each week.

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