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Where to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine in Your State

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout is underway

With the coronavirus pandemic raging on, many Americans are waiting anxiously for their chance to get the vaccine.

Unfortunately, there are a huge number of people to be vaccinated and currently, a limited vaccine supply.

Despite their best efforts, this has caused confusion and overwhelmed phone systems, call centers, and online appointment booking websites for health organizations.

We explain how the phased vaccine rollout works and share 6 ways to find out where to get the Covid-19 vaccine in your state as well as up-to-date information.


Phased rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine

Because the U.S. supply of Covid-19 vaccine is currently limited, the CDC is making recommendations to federal, state, and local governments about who should be vaccinated first.

The CDC’s recommendations were made with these goals in mind:

  1. Decrease death and serious disease as much as possible

  2. Preserve functioning of society

  3. Reduce the extra burden Covid-19 is having on people already facing disparities

Even though the CDC makes recommendations for who should be vaccinated first, each state has its own plan for deciding who will be vaccinated first and how they can receive vaccines. 

6 ways to find out where to get vaccinated in your state

1. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Covid-19 Vaccines – see how and when to get the vaccine in your area, get answers to top questions about the vaccine, get accurate vaccine information, and find out what precautions to take now

CDC vaccination phase recommendations – see which groups of people are included in Phase 1a, 1b, 1c

2. AARP AARP shares recent news and updates on the Covid-19 vaccine as well as state-level information about the vaccine.

3. locates vaccine providers in your area.

When the vaccines become more available, providers can report the number of vaccines they have in their inventory each day.

4. State health departments To find your state’s health department, click here to use’s finder tool

Advertisement 5. Pharmacies Important: At this time, Covid-19 vaccines are by appointment only, following state guidelines.

Many pharmacies are planning to make the vaccine available to the public once supplies increase and after high-priority groups receive their vaccines.

Drugstore chains and independent pharmacies across the country have partnered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to make the vaccine available.

Many have sign-up forms on their websites so you can register to get updates on vaccine information and availability. Many will also allow online appointment scheduling once the vaccine becomes available.

Participating pharmacies include:

  1. Albertsons

  2. Costco expects to offer vaccinations to the general public in early spring

  3. CVS will add the Covid-19 vaccine to its online vaccine scheduling tool as soon as it’s available

  4. H-E-B will add the Covid-19 vaccine to its online vaccine scheduling too as soon as it’s available

  5. Hy-Vee has a sign-up form to get notified of vaccine updates and availability

  6. Kroger shares information on vaccine availability and online appointment booking by state

  7. Rite Aid will update their website as soon as vaccines are available

  8. Target’s in-store CVS pharmacies will offer the vaccine when it’s available

  9. Walgreens is currently helping to deliver vaccines to long-term care communities. When vaccines become more available, they’ll also vaccinate the public.

  10. Walmart is preparing to administer the vaccine as soon as it’s available

  11. Winn-Dixie is vaccinating individuals according to state guidelines. They have an online scheduling tool (though no appointments are available now) and they also have an online consent form that you can fill out ahead of time.

6. Healthcare providers Check with your older adult and your own doctor’s offices to find out if and when they’ll be able to administer the vaccine.

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